Connecting via USB

All of the ThinC-AUTH product variants provide a USB 2.0 interface, regardless of the form factor of the USB connector. The ThinC-AUTH Key will present itself as a USB composite device in addition to each individual USB interface. The FIDO interface is enabled when the U2F or FIDO2 applications are enabled over USB.

An organization that chooses to implement ThinC-AUTH Keys may need to augment their USB device restriction policies, should there be restrictions in place, to allow the ThinC-AUTH Keys to be explicitly supported. Each USB device has a Vendor ID that can be used to identify the device. To enable ThinC-AUTH Keys, the administrator must allow list the specific VID (0x3089) that are used by the ThinC-AUTH Keys. Listing VID gives administrators more granular control of how the USB restriction policies are implemented, ultimately allowing a successful ThinC-AUTH Key deployment.

# Ensurity's USB Vendor ID


Authenticator Attestation GUID

The FIDO2 specification <> states that an Authenticator Attestation GUID (AAGUID) must be provided during attestation. An AAGUID is a 128-bit identifier indicating the type of the authenticator.

Listing below the AAGUIDs for the ThinC-AUTH Key variants.


Product Name/Variant
FIDO2 Certification Level
ThinC-AUTH (Biometric FIDO2)
Ver.2.0; L1
ThinC-AUTH BioPro (Biometric FIDO2+PIV)
Ver.2.1; L1