Post-Quantum Security



US NIST and other experts believe that currently used Suite-B cryptography is at risk from quantum computing within a decade and recommend transitioning to post-quantum secure cryptography. Recent commercial developments in quantum computing at IBM, D-Wave and potential achievement of quantum supremacy by Google point to faster advances than the consensus view.

We term the time left for organizations to prepare for quantum computing risk for security as Years to Quantum or Y2Q.

While no definitive and certified post-quantum secure cryptography exists yet, there are various likely post-quantum secure algorithms available. Organizations could better prepare for Y2Q (most likely a binary event) by learning more about options and even running pilot transitions.

Ensurity's non-linear secret sharing (NLSS)* algorithm offer symmetric cryptographic solutions for communication and data-at-rest security. NLSS can also be used in TLS protocols to offer post-quantum safe exchange of symmetric keys such as those used in AES encryption. NLSS challenge-response protocols can also be used in IAM solutions. The NLSS image cryptographic algorithms are light-weight, yet use extremely large keys.

Ensurity can help you better prepare for the post-quantum security world with tools using NLSS and other post-quantum secure cryptography.

*US Patent 9800408

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