Ensurity — Xsense IAM Pricing Packages

SSO-365: Authentication and Single Sign-on

    Federated Single Sign-on

  • Federated authentication and single sign-on
  • Authentication authority with unlimited, flexible policies
  • Attribute aggregation from multiple directories on the fly
  • Connections to all on-premises and cloud-based directories
  • Unlimited integrations with any custom, on-premises, SaaS or cloud applications
  • Identity federation across various SSO scenarios
  • Integrated Access Management

  • Native support for identity standards
  • Connections to all on-premises and cloud-based directories
  • Support for several 2FA and MFA solutions (XSense, FIDO2, email)
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with existing WAM systems
  • Extensive server integration kits
  • Comprehensive authentication adapters and selectors
  • Employee Experience

  • Consistent employee sign-on experience
  • Customizable one-click access application portal
  • Identifier-first adapter for passwordless authentication
  • Smooth recovery mechanism
  • Simplified Architecture

  • Support for cloud, on-premises, and cross-domain deployments
  • Automated, preconfigured deployment with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Authentication to Microsoft Active Directory without cloud synchronization
  • Ease of Management

  • Authentication via administrator API
  • Visibility into lifecycle and promotion of all clients/connections
  • Centralized authentication and SSO portal and delegated app administration
  • Extensive provisioning/deprovisioning capabilities (SCIM, JIT, etc)
  • SAS Type II-compliant data centers and 24/7/365 performance monitoring

$2 / User / Month*

*Pricing is for up to 1,000 users. For higher volumes, please contact Ensurity

SAM-365: Smart Authentication Management

    Includes all features of SSO-365

    Smart Authentication - User Experience

  • Multiple Device Support
  • Transportation of Auth
  • Continuous Authentication
  • Remote Logout
  • Smart account recovery
  • Remote Desktop Access, Passwordless

  • Remote access to Windows Servers
  • Remote access to Windows Desktops

$3 / User / Month*

*Pricing is for up to 1,000 users. For higher volumes, please contact Ensurity

MFA-365: Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication

    Includes all features of SSO-365

    Diverse Authentication Methods

  • Mobile App with tap (Accept/Reject), scan (QR) - available on iOS & Android platform
  • Push notifications for iOS and Android
  • Fingerprint and facial recognition (Apple Touch ID and Face ID, Android Fingerprint)
  • FIDO2-certified passwordless web authentication
  • Offline authentication capabilities
  • Bring your own Twilio account (SMS and voice messages)
  • Context for Intelligent Authentication

  • Adaptive authentication policies (location, IP address, geofencing, etc.)
  • MFA bypassing based on trusted networks and locations
  • Device pairing requirements (device lock, rooted/jailbroken, etc.)
  • Intelligent geovelocity detection (impossible travel times)
  • Intelligent IP reputation scoring for malicious activity
  • Support for cryptographically strong session maintenance
  • Role-based entitlements and web-based access abilities
  • Group- and application-level access policies
  • MFA that Integrates Everywhere

  • Mobile device managers (MDMs)
  • VPN, AD FS, Linux/Unix SSH and custom APIs
  • On-premises, private cloud and SaaS applications
  • User Experience

  • User self account recovery using the secure QR approach
  • Self-service device management (primary and secondary devices)
  • Real-time authentication method/device selection
  • Backup authentication with user profile information
  • Brandable user experience (mobile app, notifications, registration screens, etc.)
  • Ease of Management

  • Dashboards, reporting and audit trails
  • Detailed authentication event reporting
  • End user self-service capabilities
  • Block/unblock devices, bypass authentications, remove/unpair devices and more
  • Manage users via admin UI and APIs
  • Delegate admin roles
  • Multi-language support and local settings
  • Administrative bypass capability

$5 / User / Month*

*Pricing is for up to 1,000 users. For higher volumes, please contact Ensurity

DS-365: Directory & Data Store

    Includes all features of MFA-365


  • Data encryption in every state (at rest, in motion, in use)
  • Secure proprietary NLSS for securing data in every step
  • Record- and attribute-level access control to data
  • Administrator alerts (insecure configuration, access control, etc.)
  • Least-privileged access for admin accounts
  • Tamper-evident and encrypted logging
  • Single Source of Truth

  • Hybrid directory (IDaaS and cloud-ready software directory)
  • Unlimited custom user attributes and fields
  • Unlimited directory integrations (AD, LDAP and more)
  • Profile synchronization with custom attribute mapping
  • Flexibility

  • Extreme scalability with low latency (hundreds of millions of identities, billions of attributes)
  • Unified profile data access via REST, LDAPv3
  • Easily store unstructured data (browser fingerprints)
  • Deploy and coexist anywhere (virtual machine, containers, cloud, on-premises)
  • Automated, preconfigured deployment with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Ease of Management

  • Management console for performance and infrastructure monitoring
  • Real-time, bidirectional data synchronization for zero-downtime migrations
  • Emulate proprietary systems with compatibility modes and custom server extensions
  • Built-in LDAPv3-compliant proxy server for load-distribution control
  • Delegated administration of user profiles (help desk, HR, etc.)

$7 / User / Month*

*Pricing is for up to 1,000 users. For higher volumes, please contact Ensurity

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