Essential is a secure-communication suite for enterprise closed-user-groups (cug) with military-grade encryption technology; offering secure chat, group chats, voice calls, conference calls, file sharing, file tracking, and notes.



Secure Collaboration

Ultimate protection for enterprise data, text, voice and video communication. Users can create groups and securely collaborate/chat within the organization.

Enterprise Control

All the data and information resides within the enterprise control and end-user application. This CUG solution prevents hackers to steal information unlike other collaboration tools where the files and information is stored outside the server and the application scope.

Military Grade Encryption

End-to-end, military-grade encryption secures your data and information. Used and tested by the defense, government, and enterprises.

Dynamic Key Generation

Key generation is dynamic. A new Key is used for every message and every 20millisecond of voice call.

Audit Trail & File Tracking

Audit trail is maintained of who when and to whom the file was transferred. When was the file open and when was it closed. Administrator or the user can open the file track view and see the entire audit trail.

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